Products Engineering

"Know your strengths"

Products Engineering is a manufacturer of quality control equipment for prestressed concrete companies. We are the designer and manufacturer of temperature monitoring devices and software, match-curing cylinder molds, and electrical curing systems.

All equipment is manufactured and thoroughly tested for quality at our production facility in Evergreen, Colorado.


"The SURE CURE Mold"

The only mold that follows
your products precisely!
"Know your strengths!"


Concrete Curing Equipment that Saves Money

At Products Engineering, we design our SURE CURE systems to save our customers money by:

  1. reducing production and maintenance costs
  2. providing unparalleled control over concrete curing
  3. ensuring truly representative concrete test cylinders

Products Engineering's SURE CURE equipment is built rugged because only a tough, quality product can stand up to the demands of the concrete industry. Our equipment is built for accuracy and efficiency as well, lowering costs and generating greater cure strengths for customers.


New Product Training Videos Section

Videos show how to properly use SURE CURE equipment and software. Great for training new people hired to perform QC functions. Click here