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The SURE CURE Mini Curing Controller


Mini Curing Controller

The SURE CURE Mini Curing Control System provides computer control for the lowest price yet. It includes six input/output channels for monitoring and controlling temperatures.

The system requires no hard wiring. The I/O cabinet plugs into a USB to 485 Converter provided with the system. The USB to 485 Converter, then, plugs into the computer's USB port. Multiple Mini Curing Controllers may be connected together to operate as a single system through the use of cables provided by Products Engineering. The Mini Curing Control System enables the precaster to own a computer control system with minimal capital investment. Mini Curing Controllers can also be added to work with any other pre-existing SURE CURE Curing Controllers.


  • Monitors/Controls SURE CURE Curing System(s)
  • Provides programmable temperature control
  • Records time/temperature data for six channels
  • Stores all data on disk
  • Monitors/Controls SURE CURE Cylinder Molds
  • Monitors/Controls boiler-type curing systems
  • Provides maturity values for concrete
  • Provides "master/slave" control
  • Operates SURE CURE Hydration Chambers
  • Indicates elapsed "time on" for controllable channel
  • Provides printed records of stored data


  • Personal computer with printer (Optional)
  • I/O cabinet
  • Thermocouple jacks for six inputs
  • 120-volt receptacles for six output control circuits
  • USB to 485 converter.
  • 3-foot USB cable.
  • Operations manual



System Example

  • Take the guesswork out of producing concrete products by using time-temperature data, maturity, and computer control.
  • Eliminate the need for temperature recorders and data loggers.
  • Save cement, add-mixtures, time, and energy.
  • Provide reliable day-to-day curing.
  • Produce higher quality concrete products.
  • Save money.