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The SURE CURE Electric Curing System


SURE CURE system diagram

The SURE CURE Electric Curing System is unquestionably the best curing system available today. Developed in 1970 as the basis of our business operation, the SURE CURE Curing System is still unrivaled in performance and reliability. With over 35 years of research, development, and firsthand experience, we have refined and enhanced the basic SURE CURE system into a programmable, computer-controlled curing system. No other curing method has the capability, reliability, controllability, or economic efficiency offered by the SURE CURE system.

Traditional Concrete Curing

Traditionally, precast plants have relied on boiler heating systems for curing concrete. While these oil- and gas-fired systems were once the only practical means available to accelerate curing, they have many inherent disadvantages.

The transfer of the heat from the boiler to the concrete is inefficient.

With radiant boiler systems, about a third of the energy goes up the flue. Also, energy is lost in the pipes which run from the boiler to the bed. The hot pipes must transfer their energy to the air around the pipe. The air must then transfer its energy to the steel form which, in turn, must transfer its energy to the concrete. Air is an insulator and thus does not rapidly accept or dissipate energy (does not like to transfer heat). The air is also subject to circulation, thus areas of the product become hotter than other areas. A very significant amount of the air (and thus energy) escapes the area around the concrete altogether. Most radiant systems are not even capable of compensating for the loss of hydration heat.

The live steam system is also inefficient. However, unlike the radiant system, the live steam system is capable of compensating for hydration heat losses. Normally it is the most expensive type of curing system to operate. It too is subject to losing energy in the pipes which run from the boiler to the bed. Live steam systems are subject to air circulation, thus areas of the product become hotter than other areas. A very significant amount of live steam(and thus energy) escapes the area around the concrete altogether.

The heat retention is poor using a boiler system. Most boiler systems have no insulation causing most of the hydration heat to be lost to the environment. For systems having insulation, that insulation is not against the skin of the form leaving a significant path for the hydration heat to escape.

Boiler system maintenance costs are significant. For systems using water, the water should be treated. The water also corrodes the pipes and forms. Whatever the liquid, it occasionally and, perhaps, regularly needs to be supplemented (to make up for leaks) or replaced.

Non-direct fire boiler systems require a significant amount of energy and time to go from being cold to being hot. This causes the boiler system to often be left idling when curing is not occurring

The better, more efficient method is electric curing!

SURE CURE bed control panel

Benefits of Electric Curing

  • Provides the proper amount of heat to each area of the form
  • All the concrete follows the same time/temperature curve.
  • Maintenance is minimal compared to that of boiler systems.
    • Suggested maintenance procedures are provided by Products Engineering with each system.
  • Temperature control is far superior to that of any boiler system.
  • Electric systems are more efficient than boiler systems because over 90% of the electrical energy goes into the concrete.
  • Electric systems capture the energy produced by hydration


  • Each form is analyzed for the electrical curing system and then custom designed.
  • Is operated by a SURE CURE Curing Control System.
  • Is powered by a 480-volt, 3-Phase power service.
  • Includes a pre-wired power distribution cabinet.
  • Is insulated with 2" of polyurethane foam to minimize heat loss and cut heating costs.
  • Comes with a complete set of straight-forward electrical drawings.
  • Captures the heat of hydration.
    • Often, in summer, it is not necessary to turn the system on due to the insulation
  • Form areas with different masses and different heat loss properties are controlled independently.
  • In conjunction with a Full Feature Curing Controller, it can be easily checked before each use.
    • Electric systems seldom, if ever, fail during use. Thus you can be sure your product will cure as desired before the process starts.


Most SURE CURE systems are installed on form sections at the precast plant. Products Engineering personnel are directly involved in the installation process and provide the following services:

  • delivery of materials and equipment to the plant
  • threading and bending of heating elements
  • mounting of all form junction boxes
  • electrically connecting all heaters to the form junction boxes
  • instruction to your unskilled labor over how to tape heaters to the forms
  • instruction over the application of insulation
  • review of the electrical connections with plant personnel and/or electrical contractor
  • instruction of plant personnel in proper operation of control equipment


  • A SURE CURE system is simple to operate and takes only a few minutes a day.
  • Operation requires no special skills beyond a good understanding of how to cure concrete.

Operating Cost

  • A properly operated SURE CURE system will consume 10-45 kilowatt-hours of electrical energy per cubic yard of concrete.
  • Massive precast members, such as bridge girders, require less energy, while thin, spread-out sections, such as double tees, use more energy.
    • Applying local electricity costs to these kilowatt-hour figures will provide an idea of the energy costs to operate the system.
  • SURE CURE electrical curing systems only take a few minutes a day in order to operate which cuts labor costs.
  • Maintenance costs are cut due to the fact the only maintenance required is periodic checks for tripped breakers and tight connections in the various electrical enclosures.
  • Electrical costs are more stable than gas.

SURE CURE heaters prior to foaming

What Forms Can the Electrical Curing System be put on?

SURE CURE Electrical Curing Systems can be placed on most forms. Even forms with moving parts can utilize our system. Please contact Products Engineering to discuss if your form is capable of being fitted with an electrical curing system.


It is impossible to give the initial cost of a SURE CURE system without first knowing the form details usage. The system is competitively priced, and we will gladly provide a written quotation.

For a pdf brochure of the SURE CURE Electrical Curing System, click here.

SAVE MONEY! Use a SURE CURE Electric Curing System!