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SURE CURE Electric Curing System

The SURE CURE Electric Curing System is unquestionably the most economic, efficient, and best curing system available today. The SURE CURE Electric Curing System is still unrivaled in performance and reliability. With over 35 years of research, development, and firsthand experience, we have refined and enhanced the basic SURE CURE Electrical Curing system into a programmable, computer-controlled curing system. No other curing system has the capability, reliability, controllability, or economic efficiency offered by the SURE CURE Electric Curing System.

SURE CURE Curing Control Systems

The SURE CURE Curing Control System is a computer-based concrete curing controller. There are several varieties of the Curing Control System. Among them are the: Full Feature, Micro, Mini, and the Wireless. Each of these has the ability to control and monitor concrete curing temperatures. Each allow you to enter the desired temperature profile for your concrete products. Each has the ability to provide a graph of the concrete's temperature history. They are all easy to use. Each can be customized to fit your specific needs. Some come with additional features to allow you to make records, perform statistical analysis, test your curing system, and limit your plant's electrical demand. These systems are compatible with almost all types of curing systems. We have been designing and building Curing Control Systems specifically for concrete producers since 1983.

SURE CURE Individual Cylinder Controller

The SURE CURE Individual Cylinder Controller is our smallest and cheapest SURE CURE Cylinder Mold controller. The controller does not operate using a computer like the other curing controllers. It controls between two and four molds to follow one temperature. Being very small in size, the Individual Cylinder Controller is easily portable.

SURE CURE Hydration Chamber

The SURE CURE Hydration Chamber is for testing how your concrete naturally hydrates and is most useful for determining when your concrete begins to hydrate and when the hydration process is complete. The Hydration Chamber provides information on how one supplier's materials will react with another supplier's materials. The Hydration Chamber helps to create better concrete strengths.

SURE CURE Cylinder Mold System

The SURE CURE Cylinder Mold is an easy to use, match-cure cylinder mold. With the aid of any of Products Engineering's curing controllers, the SURE CURE Cylinder Mold can follow any product temperature within 3°F. The SURE CURE Cylinder Mold produces a cylinder that truly represents the actual product. SURE CURE Cylinder Molds are far superior to any other type of cylinder mold.


Products Engineering was the first manufacturer to produce neoprene pads and steel retainer caps for resale. Our pads and caps are designed to ASTM and ASHTO specifications. We have gone beyond the basic requirements of the specifications to be sure that your cylinder will break as high as possible. Can you afford to get less than the highest break from each one of your cylinders?


Products Engineering uses type "T" thermocouples with all of its equipment. We sell both shielded and unshielded type "T" thermocouple extension wire. We also sell type "T" plugs and jacks of various types.