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The SURE CURE Cylinder Mold System has been an industry standard for making and curing early strength concrete test cylinders. The system consists of two major components:

  1. A one-piece mold for standard 4 x 8-inch test cylinders and
  2. A temperature/matching controller.

Our mold system produces truly representative early strength test specimens by controlling temperatures to within 3 degrees (F) of the reference temperature. Concrete in the mold follows the same time-temperature curve as the concrete in the form. We make this possible by ensuring our molds have built-in heating and temperature sensing capabilities.

SURE CURE Cylinder Molds work in conjunction with any of our SURE CURE Curing Controllers. The controller detects temperatures from a reference thermocouple and from the cylinder mold, comparing the temperature of the product with the temperature of the cylinder. When the product's temperature exceeds the cylinder's temperature, the controller activates the heaters on the cylinder mold. When the temperature of the test cylinder reaches or exceeds the product's temperature, the controller turns off the mold heaters, allowing the test specimen to cool. Only a SURE CURE mold has this degree of temperature control. For casting early-strength test cylinders, there really is no other choice.

Simplicity -  is the only one-piece, reusable, metal mold on the market. No loose pieces to handle or lose. Efficiency - Specimens can be stripped out of the mold faster that any other reusable molds.
Temperature Sensing - Each SURE CURE Cylinder Mold has a built-in thermocouple that senses the temperature of the concrete test specimen Durability - The SURE CURE Cylinder Molds are designed and built to live in the environment of a precast plant. With reasonable care, the mold will last indefinitely.
Size - The SURE CURE Cylinder Mold produces 4 x 8-inch specimens which meet ASTM and AASHTO requirements so long as you follow ASTM C31, C192 procedural standards. Heating - No other standard cylinder mold has a built-in heating system. The 120-volt heaters totally surround the bore of the mold, providing uniform heat to the entire test specimen.
Insulation - Polyurethane foam insulates the mold from the surrounding air. Polyurethanes have excellent insulating qualities and are oil and solvent resistant.  Water-tight - The SURE CURE Cylinder Mold is the only truly water-tight reusable metal mold. A built-in O-ring gasket totally seals the mold.

Cleaning - Most of the outside surfaces of the mold are not exposed to spilled concrete. The inside surfaces are easily accessible because of the way the mold opens. Brushes from Products Engineering also help with the cleaning process.


The SURE CURE Cylinder Mold System can be used with any type of curing system (electric heat, live steam, hot water, hot oil and to establish early strengths of unheated precast or poured-in-place concrete). With the individual controller, the system components are small, light-weight, and easily moved. The equipment can be located anywhere within a thousand feet of the cast product by simply running a thermocouple extension wire between the two. Centralizing the cylinder molds in the precast plant, rather than storing them with the product, can eliminate many problems, save time, and reduce quality control costs.

Experienced, personal service is a vital part of our business, and we welcome your calls to answer questions or discuss problems. All component parts of the SURE CURE system are normally in stock at Products Engineering's facility in Evergreen, Colorado, and can be shipped immediately.